I was referred to the Online Academy by another amazing stylist and we both were talking about how AMAZING the tutorials are. I’ve never had something just ‘click’ so easily. Hands down not just the best online education I’ve ever done but the best overall education I’ve ever done!” – Katelyn


So you’ve completed a bridal makeup or hair course and maybe even some masterclasses – what do you actually do next? How do you keep that skill development momentum and motivation going? How do you start getting paying clients? What are the most effective action steps that you should take that will make real positive progress?

We’ve all come up against these questions at some point, or maybe you’re there right now! The initial makeup and hair courses are just the beginning of the journey but what happens next? What you do next will either make or break your dream of becoming a successful makeup artist/hairstylist with a consistently full diary.

It can be so difficult to know exactly what to do as there’s simply no manual out there called “How To Create Your Makeup Artist/Hairstylist Career Step-by-Step”. Until now – this is where the Kristina Gasperas Online Academy comes in…

This unique resource is the ONE PLACE you need to go to for BOTH makeup AND hair education and support. You’ll no longer need to go to lots of different websites to get makeup and hairstyling tutorials or join multiple support groups or go searching for great live content to subscribe to, it’s all here – saving you time, money and effort!

I have watched one yes ONE tutorial on hair and I can see my business growing!! Thank you guys!

I just wanted to say that your new Online Academy is so amazing!! I’ve just been watching my first video and it is just brilliant! You really have worked so hard and it shows! I’m so pleased I met you both and can be part of this amazing academy!!” – @staceygoodwinhairdressing

This is the only online place where as bridal makeup artists and hairstylists you get EVERYTHING under one roof. We’ll guide you through actionable steps and prompts, showing you how and when to do what in order to continuously move towards your career goals. Surely it doesn’t get any better than this: makeup and hairstyling education, all the aspects of running a business, game-changing photography skills, social media tips and tricks and so much more!

Us Academy tutors have been through all of the career highs and lows ourselves and also seen them in our students. We’ve seen them go from zero to award-winners with profitable businesses and along the way have learned what the common mistakes and bottle-necks are – stuff that gets the going stalled before you even gain momentum.

Over the last 10 years we’ve consistently grown our wedding bookings, filling our diaries. We’ve also gradually increased the prices for our services whilst growing this demand. We live exactly by what we’ll be teaching you, that’s how we know that our unique recipes to success work. No fluff, just real world actions that work for us and will make a definite difference to your business and skill growth. That’s as long as you’re prepared to take the necessary actions – it’s of paramount importance to your success as knowledge is only effective if put into practice.

This is why we created an online Academy – to guide you and be with you all the way on this challenging but fun road to a successful and lucrative career in bridal makeup and hairstyling.

We’ll teach you how create amazing makeup and hair looks on anyone that sits in your styling chair wanting to look and feel their most beautiful ever; how to take images of your work that’ll turn website/Insta visitors into paying clients; how to write the most genuine and engaging copy in your blogs and posts that’ll resonate with your perfect clients; those all important business, social media and marketing skills and everything either side and in-between!

Think regular video tutorials and courses, live makeover sessions and Q&As, a private Facebook members-only support group where you can hang out with other HMUAs and ask for advice and critique, members competitions, meet-ups and events, and so much much more – we’ll be adding anything along the way that we think will help.

Join this Online Academy and community. It’ll be your best friend and will help you grow further, overcome your challenges and achieve then move onto your next goals.

ALL THIS for ONLY £17.99 a month! (Even I can’t believe it). We only have one membership level as we want all of our members to get the maximum benefit from all of our content and the subscription fee.

Click on the Join Now button below and you’ll easily be able to set up the monthly membership payment via PayPal. Once that’s done there’ll be some final registration steps to follow and you’ll be able to access ALL of our membership content IMMEDIATELY!

(Will take you to a secure PayPal page – by subscribing you are happy with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy)

Please note: as part of the registration process you will be sent a confirmation email which will contain some steps to follow. To ensure that you safely receive this and it doesn’t find its way into your Spam folder please add the email addresses: hello@kristinagasperas.com and membership@kristinagasperas.com to your email contacts before subscribing.

If you have any questions or queries about the Online Academy membership please email: membership@kristinagasperas.com

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