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More and more brides decide to wear their hair down for their wedding day, that’s why his style is a must to have in your repertoire as a bridal hairstylist.

Learn from the best in the bridal industry and discover why our brides decide to choose this style time and time again.

For this lesson we’ll cover:

  • How to prep frizzy medium-texture long hair for glossy waves;
  • Product selection;
  • The blow-drying technique for modern-looking waves;
  • How to curl the hair to ensure that the finished waves are lasting and bouncy;
  • The correct placement of hair extensions, applying extra extensions around the fringe and temple area;
  • How to form the hair around the crown and the face for a flattering effect;
  • Confidently brushing our curls into waves; and
  • The correct choice of finishing product.

This online course is 44 minutes in length and available to watch as many times as you wish for 1 year from date of purchase.


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